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Cysteines Disulfide Bonding State and Connectivity Predictor


  • February, 2006.

    Version 1.1 of the predictor:

    • added interactive output option

    • more detailed output with prediction confidence

    • k best ranking connectivity patterns reported

    • more efficient management of the request queue

  • October 1, 2004.

    A new option is available: connectivity predictions can be made from user specified bonding state

  • July 20, 2004.

    Version 1.0, major update of the predictor:

    • simplified architecture of the bonding state predictor

    • enlarged training set

    • we now observe a reduced bias towards prediction of free cysteines

  • June 2004.
    • The complete predictor is now integrated in the PredictProtein service for sequence analysis and structure prediction hosted at CUBIC, New York.

    • During an unspecified day (or night?) and after hours of deep thinking, Andrea finally got the decision: DISULFIND!

  • May 2003 - March 2004.

    Mostly updates of the web site.

    • Computation of server usage's statistics

    • Help & References page

    • Style sheets

  • April 20, 2003.

    The server became fully active and began to spread the service throughout the world

  • January 8, 2003.

    The server saw the light of the day!
    Mostly a beta version used for debugging purposes...



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